Aerial Cinematography

Eastern Long Island

Who We Are

Sunset Beach Films is an aerial cinematography service on Eastern Long Island specializing in the creation of unique, cinematic video and photography packages with stunning soundtracks for residential real estate properties, resorts, hotels restaurants and special events and parties. We promise friendly, hassle-free, speedy delivery of top-quality finished products to our clients. We are fully-insured worldwide and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly drones commercially. Come rise and shine with Sunset Beach Films!

What We Do

Every property has a story to tell and we specialize in telling those stores in vivid, 4k videos, optimized for social media. Our aim is to take all necessary elements of social media marketing typically outsourced to multiple agencies and combine them into a single project source: Sunset Beach Films. We handle nearly every aspect of the production process, from providing pre-shoot checklists for realtors and property owners and guaranteeing industry safety standards to professional post-production after effects, stunning soundtracks. We also build personalized single listing websites to really make your property or listing stand out. We deliver a cinema-quality experience and a well-educated expertise to every project in which we invest ourselves. For more detailed information about Sunset Beach Films, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.