Preparing Your Home And Propert For The Shoot

The cameras and drones used by Sunset Beach Films capture video and photos in extremely high definition, so preparing every detail of the home and property prior to the shoot is essential to the quality of the final product.

We strive to make this experience a smooth operation for everyone involved. Our aim is to deliver premium quality deliverables, and we need your help preparing for a seamless shoot.


·      Please remove cars from the driveway and front of the home and keep garage doors down.

·      A well-kept lawn is vital to a successful shoot.

·      Remove garbage cans, gardening tools, hoses, toys, etc.

·      Remove security signs.

·      Uncover pools and hot tubs and skim leaves. We will turn on lights and hot tub jets. Please remove pool cleaning equipment.

·      Please stage any outdoor furniture for optimal visual impact.

·      Remove grill cover and put away any utensils.

·      Sweep sidewalks, driveway, patio, decks, and pool area. Remove all flags, hanging ornaments, and home security signs.

INSIDE: Lighting

·      Please turn on every light and ceiling fan in the house.

·      Please carefully clean any windows to ensure they are free of fingerprints or streaks.

·      Turn off any air conditioning, televisions or computer monitors.

·      Open any skylights.

·      For windows with curtains, please open them.

·      For windows with blinds, please lower the blinds but leave horizontal slats open.

·      Any glass door/window/mirror should be clean and free of streaks or fingerprints.

Kitchen/Dining Room

·      We strongly suggest that you set the dining room table with plates, placemats, napkins and formal utensils (i.e. – your best silver, well-polished). Adding fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit can be a nice touch where appropriate.

·      Please wipe down all countertops.

·      Please remove appliances, knife blocks, toasters,

·      Remove all items from the refrigerator (no magnets, pictures, etc.), as well as throw rugs, hanging towels, and paper towels.

·      Hide garbage can, remove dishes and drain stopper.

·      Straighten and tidy all chairs.


·      Make all beds; use decorative pillows if available.

·      Remove ALL clutter from end tables, dressers, and nightstands. This includes personal photos, drinking cups, alarm clocks, etc.).

·      Store away the phone, tablets, charging cords, books, tissues, and other items. If possible, remove all personal photos.

·      Address any clutter under the bed that may show in photos or video.

·      Walk-in closets should be clean and kept.


·      Arrange clean hand and body towels to be orderly.

·      Hide all trash cans, plungers, or toilet scrubbers.

·      Remove floor mats and be sure to close the toilet seat. Apply fresh toilet paper roll.

·      Remove hygiene products from the counter, including bar soap, medications, and toothbrushes.

·      Remove shampoos, razors, and loofahs from the shower; close the shower curtain or door.

Living Room/Family Room

·      Vacuum, sweep, and mop where appropriate. This includes sweeping/dusting wooden floors.

·      Tidy couches, fluff pillows, remove clutter from tables/desks. Dust off any screens.

·      Sweep wooden floors.